Dungeon Hunter

Dungeon Hunter - Cover

Title(s): Dungeon Hunter | deonjeonsanyangkkun | DH | 던전사냥꾼

Author: Onhu (온후)

Raws: http://novel.munpia.com/29770

Translation: Rainbow Turtle [email protected] Tales


I failed and will challenge again.

There is no room for failure in my second life!

72 dungeons and their owners that appeared on earth.

And the Awakened.

I am a hunter that will devour all of them.

Translator’s Synopsis:

This is the story of Randalph Brigsiel, a young demon who reached the status of Demon Earl and challenged the 4 Grand Dukes of the Demon World in order to become the ‘Devil’. He failed and was hunted until he was given another ‘chance’ by the devil that calls himself Death Bringer.

“Randalph. Randalph Brigsiel. I’m going to give you a chance. The last chance to be a devil!”
“From now on, you are a player in a game I created of this world’s destruction. More land, more humans being exterminated! Depending on the results, you might be able to become a devil. If you become the strongest in the Demon World then you will be able to take that glorious position.”

But he still failed at becoming the devil and was killed in the last war by the new devil, Ariel Diablo. In his last breath, he cursed his existence.

‘It was up to here? In the end, wasn’t I just a stepping stone for the devil? Dammit. If I was given the opportunity again. Give me one more chance!’

As he accepted death, a warm light that was the essence of the lost human gods covered him.

And he successfully returned to the past.