Martial God Conqueror

Martial God Conqueror - Vover

Title(s): Martial God Conqueror | Martial God Realm | Martial God World | 武神天下

Author: Yu Feng (禹枫)


TranslationPath of Translation


From a small town at the edge of the mountains, a youth cultivated from the mysterious ancient stone tablet, sweeping the Nine Prefectures where empires are built and mysteries within the desolate lands.

Seizing fortune and going against fate to create his own heaven and earth.

Another Description :

This novel is about the young master of the Du clan Du Shaofu who was born with crippled veins and is unable to cultivate martial arts . After finding out about his situation from the clan while returning home he got hit by a lightning and a mysterious ` first scripture` appears and after studying for ten years he was able to mend his crippled veins together and starts his journey to glory.