Reincarnator - Cover

Title(s): Reincarnator | 환생좌

Author: ALLA


Translation: KobatoChanDaiSuki

Synopsis: The change brought to entertain the bored God. And the story of Kang Hansoo who returned to the past to save the humankind from its perishment brought by the change.

KobatoChan’s Synopsis: Once upon a time existed a God who enjoyed watching creatures fight the most. Bored, the God created a new world to entertain himself. The [Abyss]. Fight and you’ll be rewarded. Do not and you’ll perish.

The God started to fill his new world [Abyss] with the creatures he created.

Humankind was send to this brutal world 50 years ago and since then fought relentless. Since, only 4 have survived and threatened with extinction, had to choose who will return to the past to save the humankind from its perishment.

And so, Kang Hansoo is going back 25 years ago, to the time when he first came in this world, when he had 20.

Now, Hansoo has 5 years left before the rest of the world population will be transported to this otherworld, this will also mark the time when humankind will be sent again into the new world [Abyss], to be forced in fighting the other races and creatures inhabiting it…